On The Radio Today

We’ve got a big show slated for "Sports Talk" today from 1-2 p.m. on WDAY 970-AM.

Joining me in studio – making his radio debut – is my Forum colleague Andrew Gottenborg. He’ll be filling in for the departed Kerry Collins for the next couple of weeks. Gottenborg is just like Collins, except there’s less risk of him cursing on the air. I’m sure he’ll be a big hit.

Today, we’ll be talking to Fargo auto racer Donny Schatz about tonight’s Tony Stewart Night at Red River Valley Speedway and about his season on the World of Outlaws circuit.

Then, we’ll discuss the USA’s thrilling World Cup victory this morning in the final minutes to push the U.S. into the knockout round. If you didn’t care about the World Cup, will you start to care now?

And last but not least, we have UND athletic director Brian Faison. He’ll talk about The Summit League’s decision to evaluate his university and we’ll get his reaction to the conference choosing to explore adding football.

To take part in the show, call 293-9000 or (800) 279-9329 or e-mail talk@wday.com

2 Responses

  1. andy g

    world cup? what with all this baseball, football coming soon, the NBA draft….hockey…tiddlywinks…
    next to WWE the world cup should be categorized as “sports related entertainment”..personally I prefer rugby…when they hit, they stay hit…none of the bad acting and spendor in the grass…if the FIFA dorks would start regulating the sport, install a penalty box or something..cut 5 players and put it in a hockey arena or something…no wait they tried that…that was actually pretty good….figures.

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