Wolves Draft Missing Something Again

The Internet let me down again. I wrote up a lengthy post about the Wolves draft, only to have it not publish. Here’s a condensed version of that post, which you might prefer anyway.

I wonder what everyone thinks about how the Minnesota Timberwolves did the NBA draft last night. As anticipated, they took Syracuse forward Wesley Johnson. They also acquired the draft rights to Marquette forward Lazar Hayward and traded for Portland TrailBlazers forward Martell Webster.

Everything I read about Johnson reminds me of what I read about Corey Brewer when the Wolves drafted him three years ago. Great defender. Efficient on offense. Long-armed athlete with an impressive vertical.

Brewer was OK last year. He averaged 13 points per game, but isn’t a particularly great scorer. Do the Wolves really need another Brewer?

The Wolves continue to lack that big-time scorer. And it’s not someone they’ll ever find in free agency. They need to build through the draft and with smart trades.

With all of the pieces they could have traded at last night’s draft (three first-rounders, Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Jonny Flynn, etc.), I’m just surprised they were unable to move up into the top two picks and land a John Wall or Evan Turner. But I hardly blame the teams that drafted those two players for not wanting to give up those selections.

It just seemed like a "blah" draft last night for the Wolves.

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  1. siouxper fan

    Trust me Hayden, you will NEVER confuse Wesley Johnson with Corey Brewer. Wesley Johnson will be the guy on the floor who makes jumpshots.

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