Cuddyer Belongs At Third Base For Now

I was pretty startled by something Minnesota Twins broadcaster Dick Bremer said during Sunday’s Minnesota Twins-New York Mets telecast.

Bremer said that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire plans to continue to use Michael Cuddyer as the team’s third baseman when the Twins open a three-game series against the Detroit Tigers on Monday.

Nobody is going to confuse Cuddyer with Brooks Robinson in terms of defense. No one will confuse him with Scott Leius either.

But there’s no doubt that Cuddyer at third base gives the Twins the best chance to win, no matter his defensive shortcomings.

Cuddyer’s move from the outfield allows Gardy to go with Denard Span, Delmon Young and Jason Kubel out there regularly and gets more at-bats to Jim Thome, who just hasn’t seen much of the field lately.

Young and Kubel are the team’s hottest hitters, so neither of them should be sitting. And this has hurt Thome, who I think is still someone who can help this team win. And in Jason Repko, the Twins have the type of no-hit but good-gloved outfielder they need to sub in for Kubel late in games when they’re ahead.

The Twins are struggling, but I credit Gardy with making a good decision regarding Cuddy.

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  1. Steve

    While this might be the right move, at least for now, I HATE trading defense for offense. You win against good teams by having better pitching and defense. Putting Cuddy at 3rd weakens your OF and IF defense and you are trading it for a little bit more offense. During inter-league play fine, it is needed, but to do it with a DH consistently?? That’s going to end up not being a good thing.

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