Strasburg Belongs At All-Star Game

There’s been no shortage of debate regarding whether or not Stephen Strasburg should be at the MLB All-Star Game in a couple of weeks.

My answer to all of that: Absolutely he should be.

The best explanation for that is one I heard a couple of days ago (I think ESPN’s Jon Miller said it). The All-Star Game is meant to showcase the players fans want to see. That’s why it was developed. It’s a game for the fans, not the players. If it was for the players, you wouldn’t have as many no-shows as you typically do with these things.

That’s why in 1992, it was OK that Magic Johnson played in the NBA All-Star Game, even though he hadn’t played an NBA game all year. People might have griped at the time that Magic was taking the spot of a deserving player, but that moment remains one of the most memorable in the game’s history. I doubt anyone would ask for a do-over now.

And let’s face it: There’s way too many spots on the All-Star Game as is. If you’re the 32nd man on that team, there’s probably more you could have done to prevent yourself from landing on the Strasburg chopping block.

So I hope the youngster – assuming he continues to mow down hitters – makes the team. I believe he won’t, but I hope he does. He’s one of the biggest stories in baseball, and he belongs on the big stage.

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  1. No no no

    What pitcher do you leave out for Strasberg? Strasberg is 2-2. What pitcher, who was thrown all season and is deserving of an all star spot, do you leave out?

    I generally enjoy your material, but this post — along with the arguments of others why Strasberg belongs in the all star game — demeans the meaning of the sport for the sake of entertainment. Just because the NBA put Magic in the All Star game in ’92, doesn’t mean the MLB should put Strasberg in this year.

    Putting Strasberg in the game with a 2-2 record is cheap. It cheapens the sport and is a disservice to those players that have labored half a season for this honor.

  2. bisonaudit

    A pitcher’s win/loss record is a nearly meaningless measure of his skill.

    That said there are quite a number of pitchers in the NL who have had outstanding first halves while Mr. Strasburg has a very short all-be-it very impressive resume.

    I don’t think much of anything to goes on in an exhibition game can cheapen the sport. Other than insisting that it count for something (i.e. World Series home field advantage)

    on rubble

  3. Area Voices Admin

    I have to say that putting Magic Johnson in an All-Star game is totally different than having Stephen Strasburg play in the All-Star game. Not only is it two different sports, but even though Johnson didn’t play in 92, he had already established himself as a marquee player and was also retiring.

    In my mind the All-Star game in baseball should be exactly what it is intended to be – a mid-season break and exhibition between the two leagues that showcases its talent. Unfortunately it is basically a popularity contest with huge consequences in the form of home advantage of the World Series.

    In his short time with the Nationals, Strasburg has been great and he will have plenty of time in the future to be an All-Star. There are several other pitchers in the NL that are more deserving than Strasburg this year. I’d even put R.A. Dickey in before him.

  4. andy g

    He hasn’t done anything, his first two games were largely against AAA (and Cleveland had him in trouble several times) talent. Let the kid get seasoned…who would you dump to get him in this year thus making the All Star game a bigger farce then it already is???…
    Remember Bo Belinsky…find Strasberg a hottie to hang with.
    RA Dickey…who saw that coming? I agree, he is more deserving, he has shut down some pretty decent lineups. The immortal looked pretty hitable last night.
    Let him learn his way around the league before giving him that level of respect. Right now he is just another flavor of the month…for now…he has plenty of all-star games to go to later in his career. Let us not appoint him god in spikes just yet.

  5. Really?

    Seriously, if being good enough to beat Pittsburgh and Cleveland gets you into the All-Star game, then there is hope for Jesse Crain I guess.

    I hate the “fans want to see him” arguement. Yeah, fans have also voted for guys who were hurt for an entire year or most of the first half because they wanted to see them. If this were Cal Ripken in his last year, yeah, but last I checked Mr. Strasberg is a rookie. He’ll have plenty of chances to make an all star game. Ubaldo Jimenez, Roy Halladay, Josh Johnson, Tim Linecum, Matt Cain, among other as are ALL better and more deserving pitchers in the NL right now.

  6. Steve

    In my opinion this argument is ridiculous, but I thought well maybe there aren’t enough pitchers with good enough stats. Well I found 12 starting pitchers that you could easily make a case for an All Star roster spot over Strasburg. Remember Strasburg’s stats are 2-2 with a 2.27 ERA over FIVE starts. Each of the following 12 pitchers has made at least 12 starts, with most making either 16 or 17. Here are the 12:

    Jimenez 14-1 1.83 ERA
    Wainwright 11-5 2.34 ERA
    Pelfrey 10-2 2.71
    Carpenter 9-1 2.70
    Halladay 9-6 2.29
    Cueto 8-2 3.74
    Gallardo 8-3 2.56
    Hudson 8-3 2.37
    Johnson 8-3 1.83
    Latos 8-4 2.85
    Lincecum 8-3 3.13
    CARLOS SILVA 8-2 3.01 (Yes that Carlos Silva)

    All 12 of these pitchers are more deserving to going to the All Star game than Strasburg right now because they have done it over the entire season. And my guess is a few of those guys are going to be left off the team as relievers are not in that mix yet at all.

    Now if you want to make the case that he may be the best National, that’s a better case. All depends on where Zimmerman, Dunn, and company fall. Or if you want to make the case that if you play to win, you take the best X number of arms regardless of stats. I would much rather take Strasburg over Silva if I wanted to win but that might come back to kill you later in the season also. Your competitor for a playoff spot might trade for him soon (PLEASE:) and he has that extra motivation to kick you out of the playoffs.

  7. Gary

    Mike Leake deserves to be in the ASG more than Strasburg. Leake was the 8th pick in last years draft and went straight to the majors unlike strasburg. He’s 5-1 rght now with a 3.30era. Look closer at the stats and you will see that he has pitched 6 games where he has given up 1 or less earned runs and taken a no decision because of blown save, etc. He could easily be 11-1 right now and then maybe some people would notice but he’s not a hard thrower like strasburg so nobody seems to care. Strasburg should NOT be included in th All Star Game.

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