All-Star Game Should Get Bumped

There’s no shortage of opinions on how to fix Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. Whether it means something or it doesn’t, there will always be plenty of detractors.

I’ve never been a big fan of the game meaning anything. I like the idea of it being an exhibition, not having it play a role in determining home-field advantage in the World Series.

However, let’s look at something I don’t hear much about. There’s a new rule now that doesn’t allow pitchers who threw on Sunday (the last day of the regular season before the All-Star break) to pitch in the All-Star Game. Seems reasonable. Pitching on just one day of rest is not a good thing.

But I think if this game really is going to mean something, don’t the best players HAVE to play in it. The AL doesn’t have CC Sabathia, for example, because he pitched for the New York Yankees on Sunday.

So if this is the case, why don’t they just push the All-Star Game back to Wednesday instead of Tuesday, then delay the regular season until Friday?

I realize nobody wants the season to get any longer than it already is. But there has to be a day off you could remove from everyone’s schedule somewhere.

I just think if the game is going to be "meaningful," then the best players must perform in it.

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  1. bisonaudit

    We can’t be playing the World Series in November, and the post season isn’t getting any shorter so. If they’re not going to bring back scheduled double headers, I’d vote for bumping the All-Star game 3 months rather than 1 day. That would also eliminate the playing for home field nonsense.

    March spasmed

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