Time To Make Tasers More Mainstream?

Here’s the video from last night’s Minnesota Twins game in Baltimore of the fan that ran around on the field for way too long:

According to La Velle E. Neal‘s blog on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website, the Orioles have a no-chase policy at Camden Yards when it comes to fans running on the field.

I realize Tasers can be damaging to a person’s health and in some cases lethal. So whether or not you think they should be used in situations like this, at the very least we could all agree that the threat of getting Tasered would probably stop these morons from running on the field in the first place. Then again, the fact that they are morons, they might be encouraged by the idea of getting Tasered.

But one thing is for sure: There is no reason security can’t chase this guy down. If anything, it’s more dangerous to have him running around. Remember when those two fans ran on the field in Chicago – one with a knife – and assaulted Kansas City Royals coach Tom Gamboa? What’s stopping another lunatic from doing something like that? These people need to be apprehended as soon as possible.

So to Camden Yards officials: Get rid of the no-chase policy. It forces your security to look as lethargic as the product that’s being put on the field sporting Orioles uniforms.

3 Responses

  1. bwhee

    They should use net guns. Calmly approach from multiple angles, shoot a net at him, and drag him off the field.

  2. andy g

    1-snipers with tranquilizer darts
    2-snipers with .50 cal barretts.
    3-Unleash the hounds…6 dobermans
    4-unleash the dogs, 4 or 5 Milwaukee Brewer (extras) sausages armed with a variety of non lethal but formidable gladiator style weaponry (nets, tridents tipped with tranquilizer, cattle prods for effect, and maybe clubs (canadian seal variety).
    Taze their butts…

    Someone needs to ask Tom Gamboa of his opinion of the “harmless” interlopers on the field in Chicago that night.

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