Matt Capps Trade Reaction

There are plenty of opinions of the Minnesota Twins’ trade Thursday to acquire closer Matt Capps from the Washington Nationals in exchange for catching prospect Wilson Ramos and another minor league pitcher.

What makes this trade so tough for me to stomach is the fact that the Twins could have gotten so much more for Ramos prior to the season. I realize there’s a clubhouse of 25 players that want to see the front office get behind their playoff push. But I’m left wondering if a deal for someone – like Toronto’s Scott Downs or Jason Frasor – couldn’t have been done without giving up Ramos, whose value could not be lower right now.

I remember before the season I pushed for the Twins to try and acquire San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell – undoubtedly a superior closer when compared to Capps – by offering up Ramos. And if you look at the comments, I was pretty heavily criticized for that opinion.

Once the initial shock wore off, I started to understand the deal for Capps. It is surprising to see what Ramos is worth now.

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  1. andy g

    I think they should have tried for Bret Myers from Houston, Blackburn and Ramos for Myers would have been a decent deal…Blackburn getting a chance to get home to Texas might have shaken him back to life, who knows…word is Carlos Zambrano is considering waiving his no trade clause…with the Cubs willing to eat a ton of the contract, that may be a point to consider…when he is on, he is awfully good…he needs a change of scenery..and is a load when his head is right.
    We should ask the Pirates about Capps…WHIP 1.33, league avg is 1.36..Ramos was a lot to give up for the balance of this year, Capps will not supplant Nathan in fact he isn’t Crane….but then Todd Jones made a living closing too…still do not understand why a starter wasn’t sought. Maybe they plan on trading him during the off season.

  2. This was a good deal...

    It could be argued that we could have gotten more for Ramos but….

    Think about this… Next season Nathan will return. What we all know about injuries like his is that pitchers do NOT return to their previous form in the first year. That leaves us a hole at the closer position next year.

    The Twins will have Capps on the roster for the 2011 season as their closer. Nathan will likely get his time in the bullpen as a setup type guy until he is back as his normal self.

    This solves an immediate need as well as a need for next season.

    Ramos had no future with our organization and given that he was having a rough season, it makes no sense to keep him long term.

    Those who are saying that we didn’t get enough would not have had that opinion if Ramos wouldn’t have had 1 good series when with the Twins earlier this season.

  3. MHDBisonfan

    Nathan will never return to his form from the last few years, his age and his recovery/shake off the cobwebs time will make it nearly impossible. Capps is what..25,26 years old? He could..repeat could…be the closer for us for the next 10 years. If thats the case, then the deal was fine.

  4. andy g

    the Twins better get another decent starter or they will have a nice view of the WhiteSox’ butts for the rest of the season, the Sox have a serious edge in starters and nobody in the Sox pen throws less than 94-95 mph…with the wild card a lock to come from the East, it is beat the Sox or stay at home.
    #1-Baker vs Buerhle edge Sox
    #2-Blackburn-(Duensing) vs Peavy-(Hudson-Jackson) even
    #3-Slowey vs Danks edge Sox
    #4-Pavano vs Gavin Floyd edge (slight edge to Sox-even rating… Statistically Floyd is filthy)
    #5-Liriano vs Garcia..though Garcia has a better W/L mark, Liraino is getting stronger and Garcia is starting to fade, edge Minny.
    This is based on opening weekend staff set ups.
    The sox are finally starting to concentrate on defense and emulate their perpetual nemisis (Minny) they will be tough….
    At the every day spots, the Twins are only slightly better up the middle as Mauer/Hudson/Hardy just bearly beat the Sox. At the corners, the Sox power production helps to offset a slight Twins advantage, and the Young/Span/Kubel outfield from the Twins has a slight advantage over Rios/Pierre/Quentin, though the powerful Sox can catch the toothless Twins if the HR production doesn’t pick up…
    intangibles are virtually even as the Sox clubhouse is as tight a bunch as the Twins, and the benches are wellconstructied…thus is comes down to pitching…and the Twins are lagging at the rotation spot. There is still time…4 hours…

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