Whose Favre rumor should be believed? All of them

Minnesota Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell said that he got no indication from Brett Favre during a phone conversation Tuesday that Favre was going to retire.

Then, teammate Visanthe Shiancoe said Favre has started to reach out to teammates that he is going to retire.

Seems like par for the course in the latest chapter of the Brett Favre Offseason Spectacular.

We – as in fans, the media and the organization – went down this road last season. Favre said he was done, only to agree to a Vikings contract three weeks later.

Now, it’s the same deal, and the timing couldn’t be more similar.

I have no doubt that Favre is playing his teammates just like he’s playing everyone else. I’m sure he told some teammates he was done, only to tell others he didn’t know yet. This is what has been reported, and I have no reason not to believe that to be the case.

I think everyone would be better off if he would make up his mind. Well, everyone except Favre.

No. 4 craves the media spotlight, and he’s found his way into it once again.

Report: Favre tells Vikings personnel that he’s retiring

Looks like the Brett Favre cat-and-mouse game continues.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that quarterback Favre started telling members of the Minnesota Vikings organization last night that he is retiring.

Forget about what you think the Vikings’ chances are without him. I want to know if you actually believe him.

Vikings coach Brad Childress is supposed to address the media at 11:30 a.m. today. Should find out more then.

Random thoughts after a few days away from work

I’ve been away from work – and thus, away from the GSB – for a few days. Enjoyed a great weekend in the Twin Cities, including being in attendance for Sunday’s Twins victory against the Seattle Mariners.

Got to tip your hat to Francisco Liriano, who was thoroughly dominating in that start, albeit against a hapless M’s lineup (Josh Wilson is hitting sixth, and the team’s first baseman is batting .220). Good thing the Twins got him some runs in the sixth inning. I was starting to wonder if he was going to end up in line for that dreaded scoreless game no-decision.

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan had the predictable, "Time to step it up against the AL East" column prior to the start of Monday’s series against Tampa Bay. I think most fans want to see how the Twins do against some tougher competition. Life might be a little more difficult for them now without Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.
  • I had a pretty good feeling before last night’s game that Tampa Bay Rays rookie Jeremy Hellickson would put an end to the Twins’ eight-game winning streak in his major league debut. Hellickson would be a regular member of a big league rotation for almost every other team in baseball. He’s got that kind of stuff. Sure, he’ll endure some growing pains, but he looks to be really good. Those Rays have quite the pitching depth.
  • The Star Tribune’s La Velle E. Neal mentioned here that Morneau worked out at Target Field yesterday and didn’t feel quite as good as he had during previous workouts. I can’t say enough how scary concussions are. Hopefully he can make a full recovery soon.

Last but not least, I took a glance at the MLB standings this morning. Interesting teams in playoff position right now.

  • AL (if playoffs started now): New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers
  • NL (if playoffs started now): Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants

It would be nice to see some teams you don’t see every single year in the playoffs (besides the Yankees, whose God-given right is to be in the playoffs every year).

Look at that group. Five of the top six highest-spending teams are on the outside looking in (Red Sox, Cubs, Phillies, Mets, Tigers). Plus, the Angels and Dodgers are in the second-biggest market and have top-10 payrolls, and they’re not in as of today.

On the flip side, the Padres and Rangers entered the season in the bottom five in payroll. The Rays and Reds are in the bottom half of MLB also.

I’ve always maintained it’s good for the game for every team to feel like it has a chance to compete. That’s definitely happening this year.