Weekend Recap: Twins, Vikings And Make-believe Football

I’m sitting around watching the USA-Brazil men’s basketball game at the FIBA World Championships. Talk about something I never thought I’d be watching. Seemed like as good of time as any to rehash the weekend.

  • Twinkies take 2 of 3 vs. M’s. The Minnesota Twins couldn’t hold onto another 1-0 lead on Sunday, as the Seattle Mariners avoided getting swept in the three-game series. Twins offense has gone quiet as of late. Safeco Field is a pitcher’s park, but tough to see the offense generate just three hits and a run against someone named Luke French. I was at Target Field about a month ago when French and the Mariners played the Twins, and Minnesota couldn’t get anything going against him until the sixth inning of that game en route to a win. Just one of thsoe pitchers who seems to have their number. Twins fans should just hope that the Rays or Yankees don’t acquire him.
  • Not everyone loves the Fuentes deal. Came across an interesting opinion from Matthew Carruth of FanGraphs. Carruth writes that he doesn’t get the Twins’ acquisition of left-handed reliever Brian Fuentes and doesn’t think Fuentes is much of an upgrade over what the Twins have. I’m pretty puzzled by that opinion. Fuentes’ numbers for the season are solid, and he’s going to be much better as a lefty specialist than he was as a closer. The guy has given up five hits to left-handed hitters this year. Five! I think the Fuentes move was a great one that will pay big dividends in the playoffs should the Twins get there.
  • Favre throws two picks as Vikings win. Brett Favre got a good introduction to his new receiving corps on Saturday as the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Seattle Seahawks in that all important third game of the preseason. I argued a couple of days ago to one of my co-workers that Javon Walker will be a non-factor if he makes the team. But he made a nice touchdown catch in that game, though it wasn’t on a throw from Favre. Speaking of Favre, he threw a couple of interceptions, at least one of which he shouldn’t get too much blame for. Hard to write much more than that. Preseason games just don’t provide much to work with. Offenses don’t want to give too much away. Defenses don’t either. So take the results for what they are.
  • Fantasy football team gets real. Participated in my only fantasy football draft on Sunday. League grew to 16 teams this year, so it was a real challenge. I ended up with the No. 13 pick and drafted the always reliable Reggie Wayne at wide receiver. The team with the No. 14 pick drafted Favre with his first-round selection, which was shocking. I was ridiculed heavily for my second-round pick (No. 20 overall), going with KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles. It was a tough call, but I read Charles was the second-highest scorer in fantasy football from Week 8 on last year. And really, in a 16-team league, if you want a guy, you have to reach for him. Not like he was going to be there when I drafted again 25 picks later. Other interesting picks I made were suspended QB Ben Roethlisberger (Round 9 – 141st overall) and injured WR Sidney Rice (Round 10 – 148th overall). I like the squad if we can stay in the hunt long enough to get Rice on the field. He goes in the first two rounds for sure if he’s healthy. Starting lineup is: QB Rivers, RB Charles, RB Forsett, WR Wayne, WR Garcon, TE Witten, K Vinatieri, DEF Dallas Cowboys. Not a bad squad for a 16-teamer, but I really need Justin Forsett or Jerome Harrison to seize control of the starting jobs for their respective teams.

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  1. Brad

    Not a bad fantasy team for a 16 team league. Better hope Peyton keeps slinging it in Indy with Wayne and Garcon!

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