Saints-Vikings: Not At All What I Expected

Vikings vs. Saints
New Orleans Saints receiver Robert Meachem (17) drops a pass in the endzone next to Minnesota Vikings defender Asher Allen (21) at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans on Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010. The Saints won 14-9. AP photo

So much for that shootout between two quarterbacks who dominated defenses last season.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre combined for a little more than 400 yards passing as the Saints pulled out a 14-9 victory, preventing the Vikings from “avenging” last season’s NFC championship game loss.

I put “avenge” in quotation marks because, well, could the Vikings really get revenge for losing out on a berth in the Super Bowl by winning a Week 1 regular-season game? I would argue “no,” though I’m sure a victory Thursday would have made a lot of fans feel better.

There were a few things that left me puzzled. Most notably, I can’t believe that in a five-point game Adrian Peterson wouldn’t get a single carry in the fourth quarter. He was running the ball well when I was able to watch the game, which wasn’t too terribly often considering I was cranking out a few things at work. But I did watch enough NFL in the last few years to know that AP is the workhorse on that team, and he needs the ball.

The Vikings are a much better team when they keep defenses guessing. Having Brett Favre attempt pass after pass after pass is not exactly going to have Sean Payton on the sidelines wondering what Minnesota will call next.

The Vikings have the opportunity to get healthy against the likes of the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins in the next two weeks before an early Week 4 bye week. So the road should get a little easier.

So, Vikings fans and non-Vikings fans: What did you take out of Thursday’s Saints-Vikings game?