NFL Week 1 Observations

I watched a lot more NFL action this past weekend than I normally do. My satellite provider had a free preview of NFL Sunday Ticket, and I couldn’t resist wringing every last drop of free football out of it.

A few thoughts:

  • As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Chicago Bears fan. Their win got a lot of publicity after Calvin Johnson‘s seemingly sure-thing touchdown to put the Detroit Lions ahead in the final minute was overturned and ruled incomplete. Rules are rules, but if that’s not a catch, it seems like a rule that should be fixed after the season. As for the Bears, a win is a win. They gained a lot of yards, but at the same time committed way too many turnovers. And why, with his defense dominating, did Bears head coach Lovie Smith pass up a go-ahead field goal chance in the fourth quarter to go for it on fourth-and-goal at the 1? Terrible decision.
  • Speaking of going for it, did anyone else catch the end of the New England Patriots-Cincinnati Bengals game? Here’s the scene: Patriots up by 14, facing a fourth-and-2 deep in Bengals territory with about 1:30 left in the game. So what does Bill Belichick opt to do? Of course. Go for it. He passes up a chip-shot field goal to put the Patriots up three possessions with 90 seconds left. And, of course, the Patriots don’t convert. I appreciate Belichick thinking outside the box, but once again, nobody was rooting harder than I was for the Bengals to make him pay. I honestly don’t see how anyone can defend going for it there. Give it a shot if you like.
  • Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips got a lot of guff about his decision to call a hail mary in the final seconds of the first half against the Washington Redskins on Sunday night. The Redskins forced a fumble on that play and ran it back for a touchdown to end the first half. I can see why Phillips is getting some heat for it. But at the same time, if it’s a hail mary, what is Tony Romo doing flipping the ball to Tashard Choice. That ball needs to be tossed down the field.
  • Jets-Ravens was pretty much what everyone expected. It will be interesting to see what Baltimore does with all of its weapons on offense this season. Not much can be done against that New York defense.
  • I watched the Chiefs-Chargers game from start to finish, because I had a couple of fantasy players involved. One of them – Jamaal Charles – broke off a big TD run in the first half. The Chiefs have some game-changing players. Dexter McCluster ran back a touchdown on a punt. If their passing game can get going, they could be an exciting team to watch.

Reviewing the Week 1 picks:

  • Went 3-2. Got the Giants, Packers and Steelers right against the spread. Wrong on Niners and Cowboys.