Are Twins fans ready to call the division race over?

After the Chicago White Sox have suffered back-to-back 9-3 losses to the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m starting to think this AL Central race might be over.

Ozzie Guillen

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, right, and bench coach Joey Cora, left, watch their team play against the Minnesota Twins during the seventh inning Wednesday in Chicago. Associated Press photo

The only thing stopping me is memories of last season, when the Minnesota Twins rallied from three games down with four games to go. Over and over again, I said on the radio that it was over, that the Detroit Tigers were going to the playoffs. And even after being in person at Game 163 last season, I still wasn’t sure if what I saw was reality.

So, what’s the difference:

  • First off, I blogged on Sept. 17 last year that the Twins were just four games behind the Tigers at that time. So the deficit will be quite a bit larger, even if the White Sox pull out a victory in Thursday’s night series finale.
  • And by that point, the Twins were a hot team, having won four games in a row. This year’s race has the first-place Twins as the hot team again, while the White Sox have struggled, losing six of their last eight games.
  • Last year, the Twins and Tigers had a couple of series left against each other at this time. This year, the Twins and White Sox close out their season series Thursday.

My gut tells me this division race is over. But my mind won’t let me say so yet.

2 thoughts on “Are Twins fans ready to call the division race over?

  1. Woah, I didn’t even realize there was any hope for them this late in the season. I had totally given up on Chicago baseball this season. I know, I know, I’m a fair weather fan.

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