With Most Precincts Reporting, I’m Calling It: Twins Are In

That’s right, folks. Despite the lessons learned from last year’s wild AL Central comeback, I think the Minnesota Twins’ lead is big enough for me to say it’s over and not worry about a jinx. With a 10-game lead over the Chicago White Sox and 14 games left, the Twins’ magic number to clinch the division is just 5. So, it’s over.

Jim Thome
Jim Thome's a man. He's 40. And he needs rest. Associated Press photo

The Twins main objective now is giving their players adequate rest, something they haven’t been able to do in years past, since the Twins are usually come-from-behind second half team. They’re still a second-half team this year, with the best record in baseball after the All-Star break. They just didn’t require the late-season heroics.

So give Francisco Liriano an extra day’s rest here or there. Try to spot Joe Mauer from time to time. And take care of Jim Thome and his all-important 40-year-old back. That’s the priority. And try to get that home-field advantage throughout the AL playoffs. Considering the Twins’ lead over Texas, they should have it in the first round regardless.

And for my Week 2 NFL picks (I went 3-2 in Week 1). My picks are bold.

  • Green Bay by 12 over Buffalo. Bills
  • Cleveland by 3 over Kansas City. Chiefs
  • Denver by 3 over Seattle. Broncos
  • Baltimore by 1 over Cincinnati. Ravens
  • Indianapolis by 5 1/2 over N.Y. Giants. Colts

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