The Greatest Home Run Ever, And Weekly NFL Picks

Bing Crosby‘s legacy will leave a lasting impact in the world of baseball.

Soon the world will see more of the 1960 World Series than just Bill Mazeroski's home run trot. Associated Press photo

It was reported Friday that Crosby – a famous actor and singer who passed away in 1977 – left behind a complete copy of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees. The Pirates famously won the game on a Bill Mazeroski homer in the bottom of the ninth inning at Forbes Field.

Footage of Mazeroski’s homer has been shown frequently in the last 50 years, but no copy of the entire NBC broadcast was known to exist until it was found in Crosby’s wine cellar.

Crosby was a former part-owner of the Pirates.

MLB Network will reportedly air the footage sometime during the offseason.

And for the Week 3 NFL picks (6-4 record through first two weeks):

  • Saints by 4 1/2 vs. Falcons. Saints
  • Giants by 3 1/2 vs. Titans. Giants
  • Bengals by 3 1/2 vs. Panthers. Bengals
  • 49ers by 1 at Chiefs. Chiefs
  • Redskins by 3 1/2 at Rams. Redskins

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  2. noblindersonme

    outstanding news ! wonderful that we have a complete record of that historic time ! Lets’ not forget that now we also have more footage of Roger Maris to appreciate!!!!

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