“Baseball” Addition Tackles Two Big Topics

I watched both halves of Ken Burns‘ “Tenth Inning” addition to his “Baseball” documentary, which aired on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week on PBS.

Ken Burns
Ken Burns added a "Tenth Inning" to his "Baseball" documentary. Associated Press photo

Good work as always by Burns, whose initial nine innings that aired in 1994 helped baseball fans get over the strike, and to some degree, realize how much they missed the sport at the same time.

The “Tenth Inning” examined the sport from 1993 through 2009. The two big topics were the players’ strike of 1994 and the steroids scandal. Hard to argue with that. Those have been the two biggest topics of the last 20 years, and Burns did a great job of looking into those, even without little help from any current or former players.

But considering Burns had four hours devoted to this inning of his somewhat ongoing documentary, I thought at least a little bit of time could have been spent on some overlooked topics. To have gone the entire four hours without anything on the closing of Yankee Stadium or the All-Star game tie or contraction seemed unusual.

That’s just my opinion. Like I said, he did a tremendous job once again, and I really enjoyed. If you watched it, what did you think?

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  1. truth harvestor

    I have not seen the “Tenth Inning” , I am sure I will enjoy it later. I agree if the ‘contraction’ episode was not raised , Mr Burns missed something. The cynic in me says if the ‘idiots( Selig) were trying to kill off a New York team or Los Angeles team , the contraction fiasco would have a much more bitter legacy. Well it was just Minnesota and Montreal!!! I will never NEVER forget Selig’s arrogant dismissive of the Twin’s good season after he lead the way to try and euthanize them. He said “well that season was just an ABBERATION!!” The Twins are now going on 10 years of such abberations.

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