Brewster Survives Another Day

Despite reports Friday that University of Minnesota football head coach Tim Brewster would be fired if the Gophers lost Saturday to Purdue – and they did lose Saturday – it appears Brewster remains employed by the university.

Tim Brewster
Minnesota football head coach Tim Brewster sports a 15-30 career record. Associated Press photo

Having said that, I’m not surprised at all that the Gophers would wait a day before making an announcement like that if they do plan to do something immediately. I would expect them to make a move Sunday, after AD Joel Maturi – who is also on the hot seat – has had a chance to sit down with Brewster.

I know this may surprise some people for me to say what I’m about to say, but I hope even if the Gophers do fire Brewster that they let him finish out the season if he chooses to do so. I think if you’re a player on this team, you still deserve to be put in the best position to win.

Granted, with Brewster as head coach, it’s not a great position. But I’m not really sure what good it does the players to promote one of the coordinators to interim coach, only to probably watch that coordinator get let go after the season when a new coach is hired.

But for the sake of the fan base, it might not hurt – if you plan to let Brewster go after the season anyway – to make an announcement soon. I think the fans are ready. I’m sure the boosters are ready.

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