Favre, Childress Could Put End To Consecutive Games Streak

Brett Favre‘s consecutive games played streak of 291 is one of the craziest records in pro sports. In the hard-hitting world of the NFL, it seems hard to believe that a quarterback could survive that many seasons without missing a game. Few QBs last a whole season, let alone 18 of them.

But Favre and his ability to play through pain will be really put to the test this week, with the Minnesota Vikings preparing to face the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Favre has two different fractures in his left ankle, which were sustained during Sunday’s loss to Green Bay. When medical staff wanted to take a look at Favre after the play that is believed to be the cause of the fractures, he refused to be examined.

There’s not too many QBs in the NFL that would get away with that either. But Favre is a special case.

The question now becomes whether or not he or head coach Brad Childress will be able to end that consecutive games streak this week. Seems hard to believe that Favre should play Sunday, but crazier things have happened.

Childress said during his Monday news conference that sometimes you have to protect a player from himself. That is very true. The concussion issue in pro sports is a prime example of how coaches and medical personnel should be doing just that.

But I didn’t see anyone protecting Favre from himself after he suffered those fractures on Sunday, yet continued to play. I have a hard time believing anyone but Favre will step in now and stop him from playing again.

Childress can say what he’s supposed to say. But we all know that Favre isn’t your average quarterback, and this isn’t your average quarterback-coach relationship.

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  1. Arlan

    I agree, Favre is not your average quarterback. His performance now rates him as a below average quarterback.

  2. He’s becoming more of a liability now than an asset. Even with that said, I think Childress respects Favre’s grit and wants him to retain his iron-man image. He’ll probably trot him out there for the first series and then hand it over to Jackson.

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