Rounding The Bases On Various Topics

Time to touch on a few different topics in a pretty busy sports week.

  • Where was this San Francisco Giants offense all season? Twenty runs in the first two games of the World Series against Texas Rangers pitching, notably Cliff Lee in Game 1. This series could be a rout if the Rangers don’t get rejuvenated playing in front of the home fans in Game 3.
  • Watched a little bit of the Minnesota Wild game tonight against Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. One thought, and it has nothing to do with the action on the ice: A 10th anniversary team? Really? No offense to the Wild, but what kind of a team is this going to look like. Seems to me the franchise could have at least waited 20 or 25 years before they released a team like that.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves played their first regular-season game Wednesday night, losing by 1 to the Sacramento Kings. I admit I watched none of that game, opting instead to have the TV at work tuned to the World Series. But it’s not a good sign to see after their first game that Kevin Love is in head coach Kurt Rambis‘ doghouse. I think he played nine minutes in the second half, despite grabbing 10 rebounds in the first half. Kind of a head-scratcher.
  • Speaking of the Wolves, team owner Glen Taylor on Wednesday squashed any contraction talk regarding his franchise. NBA commissioner David Stern suggested contraction as a way for the league to tighten its economic belts, but Taylor said his franchise will not be contracted. Being the fourth team in a four-team town(s), hard to blame the media for asking the question.
  • And finally, Winnipeg Jets fans have to be smiling if they caught this link from Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog. The Phoenix Coyotes had an announced attendance of 6,700 fans for a home game last week. Considering the season just started, this is not a good sign for the future of that franchise in Arizona. But if you’re like me and think the NHL would be better served with more teams in Canada and fewer in the southern United States, then you’re not too upset about this development.

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