Need A Break From Sports? Try The Larry Sanders Show

I was pretty excited when I found out that complete series of “The Larry Sanders Show” was being released on DVD this week.

Larry Sanders Show
"The Larry Sanders Show" complete series is now out on DVD.

Looks like the boxed set with 89 episodes is going for about $90 on Amazon, so I haven’t picked it up yet. Might need to wait a couple of paychecks for that one.

I’m always surprised whenever I find someone my age who has never seen the show or, in some cases, never heard of it. I readily admit that I didn’t watch it while the show was actually on. It debuted in 1992, and it was on HBO. It was one of those shows that I had a pretty good feeling was pretty funny, yet the foul language you’ll find on HBO shows wasn’t something my parents were getting behind.

I came to appreciate the series nearly a decade after it went off the air, when it was on in syndication very late at night. With the hours that come with working in sports, it was on TV at the perfect time.

The premise of the show is Garry Shandling as TV talk-show host Larry Sanders. Shandling was a former guest host for “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, so he knew the ins and outs of the business pretty well. You can read more about it in this review of the series, which also stars Jeffrey Tambor (of “Arrested Development” fame) and Rip Torn.

Those three play off each other pretty well, making for great comedy. Tambor plays Hank Kingsley, which is one of TV’s great schmucks of all-time.

And some of the guests on the show are hilarious with recurring roles, like David Duchovny, Jim Carrey and Jon Stewart.

I’m not a film critic, so I won’t pretend to be one. There’s plenty of great YouTube clips out there. I don’t want to screen them all for content so I’ll just leave it there.