Vikings Show Things Could Be Worse. They Could Be The Cowboys.

Forget about the quality of the opponent. Forget about the early turnovers. Forget about the special teams breakdowns.

Forget about the drama and Brett Favre‘s ankle and the Randy Moss mess.

I doubt Minnesota Vikings fans care about any of those things this morning. Sunday’s victory against the Arizona Cardinals gave them something to celebrate in a season where there has been little of that going on.

The 41-year-old QB – yeah, I think his age must be mentioned in the same breath as his name – Favre led the team on a comeback in the final minutes of regulation to get the Vikings into overtime, where Ryan Longwell‘s field goal put another one in the win column.

That kick also might have saved the job of head coach Brad Childress. was reporting Sunday morning that he could be fired after the game, even if the Vikings won. That hasn’t happened yet, though team owner Zygi Wilf hasn’t said much about the future of his head coach.

There are definitely some coach-owner issues at Winter Park. Wilf wasn’t pleased about Childress opting to waive Moss last week without consulting him. Wilf is supposed to be consulted on such moves. That stems from Childress’ decision a few years ago to cut receiver Marcus Robinson on Christmas, something that irked many of his players and drew criticism from fans and the media for the timing of the move.

Yes, there are problems still in Minnesota, problems that a win alone can’t solve.

But they pale in comparison to what’s going on with the Dallas Cowboys.

I have watched the bulk of the Cowboys’ last three games, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t think I’ve seen an NFL team quit the way they have the last few weeks.

I’m not a big proponent of firing head coaches in midseason. Doing so is the equivalent of raising the white flag. But at this point if you’re the Cowboys and your season is pretty much over anyway, I think owner Jerry Jones needs to make the tough call.

It’s time to fire Wade Phillips, who hasn’t been seen yet at the team’s facilities today. The season can’t be salvaged, but to some extent, things need to be turned around for the sake of the fans, who throw down big bucks to watch that team in Jones’ behemoth new stadium.

It’s a difficult call, too, because I’m sure Jones wouldn’t mind firing all of the players. After all, they’re the ones doing the quitting. But we all know it’s easier to fire the coach, which could light a fire within some of those players.

It hasn’t been just the injury to QB Tony Romo that’s hurt the team the last few weeks. The defense is absolutely atrocious. That unit has given up the second-most points in the NFL – just one fewer point than Buffalo – and has been steamrolled the last three weeks by the Giants, Jaguars and Packers.

During the team’s five-game losing streak dating back to its bye week, the Cowboys have given up an average of more than 35 points per game.

It’s time for a change in Big D. It’s time to raise that white flag.