No Big Surprises From Twins’ Offseason Predictions

Minnesota Twins hoping for a big splash this offseason probably won’t get it.

The Twins have $75 million locked up in nine players with determined salaries for the 2011 season. That doesn’t leave a lot left over for the remaining 16 players.

The writers over at published their predictions for the top 50 free agents.

The highlights:

  • The majority of writers have the Twins retaining starting pitcher Carl Pavano and designated hitter Jim Thome. But none of the five writers have the Twins keep infielder Orlando Hudson or reliever Brian Fuentes.
  • Other free agents tabbed by the writers to be heading to the Twins this offseason are pitchers Koji Uehara (two writers) and Pedro Feliciano (one writer).
  • All five writers believe the New York Yankees will sign Cliff Lee. I have no doubt in my mind of that happening.
  • All five writers also have the Los Angeles Angels signing outfielder Carl Crawford. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Detroit Tigers or Boston Red Sox get involved in that bidding war. And you can’t count the Yankees out either.

3 Responses

  1. John Lamb

    Hmmm… I don’t see Nick Punto on that list. Two years ago didn’t he sign for $4 million a year? How much will he command now?
    Won’t the Twins try to move one of their starting outfielders to make room for Ben Revere?
    Would they try to move Delmon (who is eligible for arbitration) or even Matt Capps if it seems Nathan will be ready for spring training? team beat writer says the Twins are “linked” to Zack Greinke.

  2. truth harvestor

    I am still getting perurbed by this ‘what about trading Delmon for someone good’ mindset that still seems to persist in so many Twins fans minds. What are you guys thinking? Last summer when the Twins were going thru their annual June swoon , writers (Souhan etc) were all agog with bad ideas like dumping Young. It was another in a long line of bad ideas pushed by the always critical Minnesota writers. Delmon ,who always was damned by his #1 draft choice, huge ‘unfulfilled potential’ , status, became arguably the Twin’s MVP , as nearly EVERY batter had a year that fell short of the previous one. SOMETHING happpened on that club that enabled them to clinch the title in early SEPT and lead at that point by 12 games! Mr Young was one of those things!!!! Delmon is STILL a young man . He could be a soild steady guy for years and years . Remember Torii never hit his allstar stride until he was the same age as Delmon today!! Trade a 25 year old who just hit .300 and drove in 100 runs? Stupid!
    Hey folks, lose Young and who replaces those offensive #’s . Span? I like him a lot but Span was the one who went backwards not Young. And there is no certainty about Morneau regaining his level of excellence soon.
    No , it will be an interesting offseason , but the question marks are at shortstop and 2nd. And Casilla will fill one of the ?’s. Be thankful 3rd base seems secure now . How long have Twins fans waited for that! The changeover on the roster should come on the pitching staff , There seems to be a revolving door sernario there , both in and out.

  3. truth harvestor

    Also I think it needs mentioning that these same writers are the ones who vilified the Twins for letting Torii Hunter go. What cheapskates the Pohlads were! , they whined. The Twins have continued to win without Hunter ( although he was one of my favorites too) and today Torii would be earning 20 MILLION a year ! Yes !The same writers who are lamenting that the Twins are handcuffed by all the massive payrolls that are maturing ( Mauer etc) saw no problem with the 20-25 mil Hunter would be pulling in now! Bottom line , ignore the keyboard knowitalls.

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