What do good NFL coaches need to coach for? … and NFL picks

I was watching the Minnesota-Illinois football game this afternoon – I live a dull life. What can I say? – when I caught an ad for this product during a commercial break.

It’s current and former NFL coaches, plus Bobby Bowden, trying to help you win … at life!

The timing of seeing this commercial is pretty crazy, because I had just been talking with a few co-workers earlier in the week about how the best NFL coaches aren’t working the sidelines anymore.

Think about it. Bill Cowher is working for CBS as an analyst. Jon Gruden is working for ESPN as an analyst. Tony Dungy is working for NBC as an analyst. ESPN even had a story today about how Super Bowl-winning coaches have inquired about the Dallas Cowboys’ opening.

Makes me wonder how much these coaches make working on TV. Seems like every team in the league would be interested in hiring these guys, except for the obvious successful franchises like the New England Patriots.

Week 10 NFL picks

Another 3-2 week last week puts me at 20-15 against the spread this season.

  • Titans by 2 over Dolphins. Titans
  • Colts by 8 over Bengals. Colts
  • Jaguars by 1 over Texans. Texans
  • Chiefs by 2 1/2 over Broncos. Chiefs
  • Eagles by 3 over Redskins. Eagles

Kevin Love forces us to pay attention to Timberwolves

Kevin Love is helping us forget about Kevin Garnett and making us care about the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love, left, had an epic night on Friday. Associated Press photo

OK, the first part of that isn’t really true. Minnesotans will always love “The Big Ticket.” But when an athlete does what Love did Friday night, it’s hard to keep ignoring the T-Pups.

The Wolves rallied from a 21-point deficit against the New York Knicks on Friday, thanks mostly to the 31-point, 31-rebound effort from Love.

It was the NBA’s first 30-30 game in 28 years, and that was posted by Hall of Famer Moses Malone. And the 31 rebounds are a franchise record for the Wolves.

Love has quickly become the second-best player in Timberwolves history. Of course, there’s probably not much competition for that. Doug West? Sam Mitchell? Anyone?

So, to those of you who didn’t like the draft day Love-for-O.J. Mayo swap a few years ago, do you still hate it?