Childress Never Had Fans’ Backing From The Beginning

For a coach who improved his win total in his second, third and fourth seasons, it always seemed to be an uphill battle for Brad Childress in getting fan support.

Childress was fired Monday, one day after the Minnesota Vikings were throughly embarrassed and outplayed in a 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will replace Childress on an interim basis.

I think the time was right for Childress to be let go. I had blogged a couple months ago about how clear it was that Chilly had lost his locker room to a degree that made it seem difficult for him to ever get it back.

He may have lost the locker room, but he never had the fan base.

I am left wondering why it seemed like from the beginning that Vikings fans were never pleased with Childress.

I think a lot of fans didn’t like the hire from the start, questioning whether or not Childress’ credentials made him suitable to be a head coach in the NFL. Being an offensive coordinator for Andy Reid doesn’t mean as much as it does under other systems since Reid is calling the plays.

I’m sure part of it too is that Chilly isn’t the most electric personality. Say what you want about Mike Tice, but Tice was as fan friendly as they come. I don’t know too many other head coaches that took questions directly from fans like Tice did on his weekly show. So in some ways, from a fan perspective, Tice left some big shoes to fill.

If you think I’m off-base in saying fans never liked Chilly, or if you have another reason as to why you didn’t, feel free to leave a comment. I’m interested in what Vikings fans have to say about it.

And if you’d rather look ahead, ESPN’s John Clayton has a list of potential replacements for Childress. Brian Billick is an intriguing name.

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