TCF Proves To Be A Big Hit For Fans

In the end, it’s safe to say Monday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears went off mostly without a hitch.

Yeah, there was a fan that ran onto the field and had to be restrained by security. And I’m sure all of the snow piling up on the streets led to a couple of accidents going to and from the game. But after attending Monday night’s game, I don’t recall hearing a single person say, “It is too cold. I’m leaving.” Instead, in the fourth quarter, it was, “The Vikings stink. I’m leaving.” Most people filed out with about nine minutes to play after Chicago’s Chris Harris intercepted a Joe Webb pass.

TCF Bank Stadium provided a pretty unique setting for football. For one night, the state became, “The Land of 10,000 Handwarmers.” And I loved it.

Everything about last night’s game felt like something from an NFL Films video. In fact, they had NFL Films videos from the Met Stadium days playing as fans waited for the game to start. You even had the 50 greatest Vikings players honored at halftime.

It didn’t take long before someone in our section decided to go shirtless. I don’t think that guy even waited until kickoff.

And despite the “no alcohol” policy on the University of Minnesota campus, I can assure you there were a few people who had one too many either prior to or during that game last night.

My group got its seats in the upper deck, and we even managed to avoid the bleachers, which was good. It was windy and cold. I won’t lie. I did slip on a facemask from time to time to protect my chin. But I couldn’t be happier about deciding to attend that game.

I’ll post photos as soon as I can. Wanted to get a few quick thoughts out there now while I had time.

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  1. You didn’t hear people saying “It’s too cold, I’m leaving” because those people never showed up in the first place.

    Fun or not, 40,000 fans is a pathetic turnout for an NFL team accustomed to 12 years of sellouts and isn’t enough to sustain a team.

  2. How many teams with no chance of a playoff birth are selling out stadiums inside or out, let alone in frigid temps. But on the upside outside football was back in Minnesota if only for one game. I can only hope a new stadium is built and it is an outside stadium I would love to see winning football back in Minnesota. Now I don’t believe the answer at coach is Leslie Frazier, how many of you remember when Brian Billick roamed the sidelines for the Vikings, and he is a Super Bowl winning coach. What will it take for him to quit announcing and get back in the game.

  3. I have to believe that a new stadium is coming soon. But I can guarantee that at the very least it will be retractable roof. The Twin Cities doesn’t need a third stadium that is outdoor-only. Something with a roof or roof option has a lot more potential to host events.

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