Blyleven To Get No. 28 Retired, But Why The Wait?

Found out late tonight that the Minnesota Twins will retire Bert Blyleven‘s No. 28 during a ceremony this season at Target Field. Blyleven, after 14 years of waiting, finally got elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this month.

It makes me wonder why the Twins decided to wait for Hall of Fame induction before retiring his number. To my knowledge, there’s been no policy implemented recently regarding a player’s Hall of Fame status being a requirement for his number being retired. I know the Boston Red Sox have rules like that. Kent Hrbek, of course, has his number retired by the team and isn’t in the Hall, but maybe there’s been a change since that decision.

I think it’s an honor Blyleven definitely deserves. It’s a lifetime achievement award as much as anything. He had two different stints with the team, which were both pretty successful. He’s going to the Hall of Fame. He’s been a popular announcer for many years. It’s a good call.