Bonds Trial Kicks Off Today

Can you believe it’s less than two weeks until Opening Day across Major League Baseball? Yet a San Francisco federal courthouse today is serving as the “Big Top” for the latest chapter in baseball’s circus act of a steroid era.

The Barry Bonds perjury trial started today. According to The Associated Press, Bonds walked into the courthouse wearing a dark suit and silver tie, having to defend himself against four charges that he lied to a grand jury when he says he didn’t knowingly take performance-enhancing drugs.

I am left wondering what this trial will accomplish. Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated thinks very little.

The more important question to me is: How is it going to be proven that Bonds DID LIE about not knowing he was taking steroids? There will be plenty of finger-pointing, but what does that do? If an ex-girlfriend says Bonds knew what he was doing and Bonds says he didn’t, who are we to believe?

I haven’t heard much about witnesses, beyond the ex-girlfriend, who supposedly will tell the jury about his mood swings and other intimate details about their relationship.

With baseball about to kick into high gear a week from Thursday, I’m sure this is a story that commissioner Bud Selig wishes would just go away. But as Posnanski points out, there’s a Roger Clemens trial coming this summer.