Mauer Ranks Second To Jeter In Jersey Sales

CNBC’s Darren Rovell – after years of hounding, according to Yahoo’s Big League Stew blog – has finally gotten Major League Baseball to release jersey sales statistics for the first time.

Majestic – MLB’s jersey maker – released the numbers to Rovell, who published them Wednesday. The numbers reflect sales during 2010.

Twins catcher Joe Mauer ranked very high in sales of his jersey last year. Associated Press photo

Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer ranks second, behind only New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. This doesn’t surprise me. When I’m thinking about getting a Twins jersey, I always want to get one of a player I know is going to be around for awhile. And we all know Mauer isn’t going anywhere for a LONG time. Combine that with a new ballpark that’s selling out every game, and you have quite the demand.

Three of the top five were Philadelphia Phillies, as Roy Halladay, Chase Utley and Cliff Lee finished third, fourth and fifth.

Rovell’s blog has some additional information that’s pretty interesting. Among the info:

  • Twins first baseman Justin Morneau ranks 15th in jersey sales.
  • Big-market teams like the New York Mets, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t have a single player in the top 20.
  • The Twins ranked ninth as a team in licensed product sales for 2010. That’s pretty impressive, but I’m surprised that wasn’t just a little bit higher, considering all of the factors I mentioned regarding the Mauer sales. That team moved A LOT of merchandise last year. These numbers put that in perspective.