Let’s Return To The Blog On A Pleasant Note

I’m back from vacation today. I haven’t been to work in 10 days, and during that time the Minnesota Twins have not won a game. So there’s plenty to talk about there, but let’s leave the nine-game losing streak alive for a moment and talk some puck.

As entertaining as the NHL playoffs can be, the lack of Versus on my provider’s basic package has kept me from watching all but a few of the playoff games that popped up on NBC.

I’ve become much more interested in Winnipeg’s pursuit of an NHL franchise. That would give the Fargo-Moorhead market two NHL teams within about a three-hour drive. So I think it was pretty big news when it was reported that the Atlanta Thrashers owners are talking with a group that’s very interested in buying the team and bringing it to Winnipeg.

The NHL – as of yet – has not interfered with this deal in the same way that it has in other potential moves of franchises, so it appears this could definitely happen. A very motivated seller with a very motivated buyer. Not much is in the way right now.

And it’s been reported that the NHL is working on a schedule for Winnipeg should this happen quick enough to bring a team back as early as next season.

I think this is pretty exciting news for our area. From an F-M perspective, this is almost as big of news as the NHL returning to the Twin Cities. I’m curious to know how many of you out there would go to Winnipeg to see an NHL team play. If Manitoba got a team, would it impact you in any way? Less Wild games for you? Leave a comment.

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  1. Lincoln

    I would definitely go to some games in Winnipeg. The MTS Centre is smaller than the Xcel Center and not nearly as nice, but it would still be fun to have this option again.

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