Twins No Longer Piranhas, As Ozzie Likens Them To Sardines

The lack of Jason Tyner on this year’s Minnesota Twins team has made them a little less threatening, assuming you take Ozzie Guillen’s nicknames literally.

After the Chicago White Sox manager watched his team go through its usual struggles in the Twin Cities this past week, he had this to say (via Yahoo’s Big League Stew) to CSN Chicago:

“These are las sardinas (the little sardines) here,” he said. “They are [bleeping] sardines. You see a bunch of circus midgets out there. But  they can play.”

If you remember back in 2006, Tyner, Jason Bartlett and Nick Punto were called “piranhas” by Guillen. The nickname was quickly embraced by players and fans alike.

I’m not sure if sardines would catch on. That’s not really a nickname that strikes fear in the opponent. Other than Ben Revere, Matt Tolbert, Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Alexi Casilla being small, I’m not sure what other sardine-like qualities they really have.


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  1. Silent Bob

    So Goethe, do you think we’ll hear some boos from the loyals when Baby Jesus Mauer steps up to the plate this evening? I know what the answer would be if he had signed a $184M contract with the Yankees, Red Sox, or Phillies….

  2. I wouldn’t rule out one person booing here or there, but no, I don’t anticipate hearing any. The reception, as you point out, would no doubt be much different if he played for the Yankees.

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