Who is your Twins’ All-Star rep?

That was quite an exciting game Sunday afternoon, huh? I caught the last few innings of the Minnesota Twins’ come-from-behind victory.

My goal was to catch the whole game, but that was before my mower quit on me in the middle of doing my lawn in the early afternoon. A task I was hoping would be done by 12:30 took me until about 2:30 or so after driving around town getting parts for it.

But enough about the perils of home ownership. Let’s get back to sports.

There has been a lot of advertising for this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game. And that’s got me wondering, “Who is going to represent the Twins at the Midsummer Classic?”

A quick glance at the roster leaves me thinking the Twins won’t get more than one representative. Just too many star players injured at one time or another during the season.

Here are the players I would consider to be candidates:

  • Michael Cuddyer: Cuddy has a leg up on most of the competition in that he has simply played in most of the team’s games. He’s appeared in 64 of the Twins’ 70 games. Only Danny Valencia‘s 68 games are more than that. Cuddyer has a team-high 10 homers to go with a .281 batting average. His versatility has been huge for the injury-hampered Twins.
  • Jason Kubel: Current stint on the disabled list will probably cost him what looked like a certain All-Star nod in the first couple months of the season. He’s now played in just 52 games, but his .310 average would be a team best if he qualified.
  • Scott Baker: This could be a darkhorse candidate, but he has stepped up as the team’s most dependable starter this season. And if the argument is that the rotation has keyed the team’s latest hot stretch, then perhaps it’s appropriate that a starting pitcher gets selected. Baker has a 5-4 mark with a 3.24 ERA and 88 strikeouts in 91.2 innings. He looks a lot more like the ace starter from 2008.
  • Nick Blackburn: I never thought I’d be including him on this list before the season. I admit it. I was wrong … or I’ve been wrong so far. I thought putting Blackburn in the rotation was a big mistake. I’d put Baker ahead of Blackburn as an All-Star if taking a Twins starter, but Blackburn’s numbers are worth pointing out. In 2011, Blackburn is 6-4 with a 3.16 ERA. If you like to pick All-Stars based on numbers dating back to last year’s All-Star game, then his are still pretty impressive. He’d be 9-9 with a 3.48 ERA in 155 innings.