Reaction from Vikings fans is a little refreshing

If an 0-3 start wasn’t enough, a loss to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday has cemented the fact that the Minnesota Vikings are in the midst of a lost season. It seems unlikely at 0-4 that the Vikings could possibly make the playoffs, especially considering the 4-0 starts by fellow NFC North foes Green Bay and Detroit.

Vikings fans seem to be taking it in stride. That’s probably due to the fact that expectations weren’t that particularly high to begin with. But they were certainly higher than 0-4.

Did anyone else catch the audio that Monday’s SportsCenter had of Philadelphia Eagles calling into a radio show complaning about the Eagles’ 1-3 start?

Granted, I’m sure ESPN picked the most extreme callers to highlight on its flagship show. But a couple of the upset Eagles fans were pretty disturbing. This one guy was just screaming and talking about how his life is over because of the team’s struggles.

Time to get a grip.

Vikings fans can be intense, and they love their team as much as anyone. But having spent plenty of time in the car on Monday listening to sports talk radio in the Twin Cities,  I didn’t hear anyone calling into radio shows on Monday morning responding like that.

Although, I suppose Vikings fans are used to the phrase, “Wait ’til next year.”