Reaction From Vikings Fans Is A Little Refreshing

If an 0-3 start wasn’t enough, a loss to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday has cemented the fact that the Minnesota Vikings are in the midst of a lost season. It seems unlikely at 0-4 that the Vikings could possibly make the playoffs, especially considering the 4-0 starts by fellow NFC North foes Green Bay and Detroit.

Vikings fans seem to be taking it in stride. That’s probably due to the fact that expectations weren’t that particularly high to begin with. But they were certainly higher than 0-4.

Did anyone else catch the audio that Monday’s SportsCenter had of Philadelphia Eagles calling into a radio show complaning about the Eagles’ 1-3 start?

Granted, I’m sure ESPN picked the most extreme callers to highlight on its flagship show. But a couple of the upset Eagles fans were pretty disturbing. This one guy was just screaming and talking about how his life is over because of the team’s struggles.

Time to get a grip.

Vikings fans can be intense, and they love their team as much as anyone. But having spent plenty of time in the car on Monday listening to sports talk radio in the Twin Cities,  I didn’t hear anyone calling into radio shows on Monday morning responding like that.

Although, I suppose Vikings fans are used to the phrase, “Wait ’til next year.”


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  1. Floyd

    Since I can’t afford to travel to the games, I can only say what I see on tv. The offensive line couldn’t block diddly squat. Too many times I see a running back tackled in the backfield and Loadholt looking down at him as if he is trying to explain why he missed his block. McNabb needs to be benched and let Ponder and Webb gain some experience for later years. Send Berrian packing and get someone who can first get open and secondly hang onto the ball when thrown to him. Then there’s the defense which plays well at first but tires with the failure of the offense but they could use some upgrades and gain back that edge where the Minnesota defense won games by scoring more points than our team and theirs combined. And that’s my opinion.

  2. machomansavage

    I’m not sure refreshing is the right way to describe it. Beat down is more like it. Other Cities fans may take stuff harder because they are actually used to success. Here in Loserville cheering for Minnesota sports, it’s just another day of disappointment and let down, and we are so used to that.

  3. noblindersonme

    I really don’t understand your impression that Viking fans are taking the losses in stride! can’t understand it at all. This after I read and heard some of the most bitter and virulent criticism coming from the more tolerant fans of the area in the past summer , the jump off the bandwagon – dog pile on the Twins ‘fans’. some of the behavior of those fans was not ‘tolerant ‘ in any sense.!
    Compare the two – The Twin’s season was dominated by the unprecented injuries . They lead the majors in use of the DL. 26 times I read. Yet some fans wanted them to drag their sick butts on the field and still play . unless they saw bone stickin out of skin , they did not want to see them slacking off!( even in Noshi’s case , they had little sympathy).
    Now look at the Vikings . I couldn’t help but notice how it seemes EVERY regular starter was available to play and did! Harvin , Allen , Williams, Berrian, Mcnab, AD, The Henedersons, Jimmy K , …everyone !!! So what is their excuse! If everyone of those players was injured and on the bench , then I could understand the ‘tolerance’. (The Twins lost the equivalent of those players).
    I agree with machoman’s view – ‘beat down’ is more like it.
    It seems when a team has delivered quality and sucess more often and on a higher plane of execution , then the ‘fans’ are more bitter when that team doesn’t meet that standard anymore!

  4. Leonardo K. Blutarski

    This guy is clearly a drip. After countless years of watching the Vikings field utter failures (like this year) or mount monumental collapses that have snatched defeat from the mouth of victory, maybe we’re just sick and tired of all of the excuses and have gone on to cheer for someone or something else of a little bit more substance.

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