Vikings Stadium Seems Like An Inevitability

The Minnesota Vikings stadium push earned a big victory Tuesday when a Ramsey County panel decided not to leave a potential stadium in Arden Hills, Minn., up for a public vote. And I don’t think Wednesday’s news was a roadblock in any way.

A commission report revealed Wednesday said that a Vikings stadium wouldn’t be ready until 2016 or 2017, and that the total cost would be around $1.1 billion. Those are some big bucks in a state that recently had a rather lengthy government shutdown due to a battle over a budget deficit.

But there’s no doubt an NFL stadium is going to get built one way or another. Even if the Vikings were to break the hearts of their fans by uprooting themselves and heading to Beverly Los Angeles, Minnesota would want an NFL team again. And – a la Cleveland – a stadium would be built for that new team, whether it be an expansion team or a relocated one.

Some would argue these are too difficult times to build a stadium. Others would say because these are difficult times, the Vikings – at least a good Vikings teams – are as much needed now as they ever were.

You can argue both sides of the coin until you’re blue in the face. All I’m going to say is – now that it’s not up to a public vote – that I have no doubt a stadium will be on the way soon.

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  1. Ed Galbraith

    A couple of weeks ago Ed Shubitzky of Hermantown was enshrined in the snowmobile hall of fame in Eagle River Wi. and not a word of it in your paper.

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