Potential Is Forgotten Factor In Judging Tebow

Many fans love Tim Tebow for who he is. Those who don’t like Tebow focus on what he isn’t.

But as Tebow prepares to lead the Denver Broncos into an AFC playoff showdown with the New England Patriots on Saturday, it seems everyone forgets that – for all of talk about errant throws and Tebowing – this is a former first-round pick who has started just 14 regular-season games.

Even after the Broncos eliminated the Pittsburgh Steelers from the playoffs last week, many continued to debate whether or not Tebow should be Denver’s starting quarterback next season. Any uncertainty about that seems mind-blowing to me.

Tebow has shown a unique skill set so far in his NFL career. And while his 46.5 completion percentage is fingernails on a chalkboard for any offensive coordinator, I don’t have any reason to believe he can’t improve. After all, Denver’s option offense was implemented MIDSEASON.

NFL defenses will have an offseason to prepare for it before next season, but Tebow and Co. will also have months to work out the kinks.

Tebow is far from perfect. But I think he has undoubtedly done enough this season to be handed the job again next year.

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