At The Very Least, Wolves Are Exciting

I did something on my night off Monday that I hadn’t done in what seemed like years: Watch a Minnesota Timberwolves game … front to back.

The Wolves pulled away late to beat the Sacramento Kings on Monday.

I was at work tonight when they picked up another victory, rallying to defeat the Detroit Pistons. I wouldn’t say basketball fans have visions of playoff berths dancing in their heads, but at least the team is fun to watch.

The Target Center crowd – after years of turning its collective back on the team – has returned. And the fans hang on every Ricky Rubio no-look pass. And I continue to marvel at the dominant post presence that Kevin Love has begun. This team has a couple of building blocks and just needs to build upon the foundation.

I’m heading down to the Twin Cities next month for the first Timberwolves game of my life, and I’m really looking forward to it. For whatever reason – is it Rubio alone that’s responsible? – the product on the court seems vastly improved from a year ago.

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