Annual Ballpark Tour 2012 Is Set

Back by (my own) popular demand …

My annual Major League Baseball stadium tour is starting to get planned for the 2012 season, and I’m excited for this one.

A couple of friends and I have decided this summer to head out to big league parks in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Toronto. That marks the most parks reached on a single trip.

Fenway Park is where the ol' Ballpark Tour started.

These ballpark tours have taken on a variety of forms dating back to my first one in 2007. Appropriately, it all began that year with Fenway Park in Boston with my youngest brother. Other trips have landed me in major league stadiums in Seattle, Chicago (Wrigley and U.S. Cellular), Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver.

No doubt the stadium that I’m most looking forward to seeing in this summer’s trip is Pittsburgh’s. PNC Park has long been my favorite one to see on TV. I can’t wait to get a look at the Roberto Clemente Bridge and the Pittsburgh skyline from the seats behind the home plate area. Just an awesome park.

Pittsburgh may be the best stadium, but I think Toronto is the city that I’m most looking forward to. Seems to be no shortage of things to do there, and if you’re a sports buff like I am, there’s no shortage of iconic hockey stops to make.

Always nice to have something in the summer to look forward to. Helps you forget about winter, even a mild winter like this one.

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  1. Hi Hayden.
    Thanks that was a very nice read.
    If you had to choose between Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Toronto parks for the next season, which one would be your favourite ?


  2. Craig F

    I plan on going the KC, St Louis, Chicago route this summer, that will make 15 Major League parks that I will have been to. My goal is to get to every park in the next 10 years.

  3. 23 down 13 to go. Maybe Milwaukee this summer but not decided yet.

    Detroit and Toronto are still on my to do list but, cohen, I’d vote for Pittsburgh out of those 4. They close the bridge to automobiles before the game, it’s a neat walk across the river from downtown, the stadium is a beautiful, and Pittsburgh is a pretty cool scene. That town is coming back in a big way.

  4. Trip participant Matt K chimes in. It is going to be awesome.

    Among active ballparks, this trip will push my total to 13 out of 30 that I’ve been to. So I have plenty of work to do.

    Craig: That sounds like a fun trip. Kansas City and St. Louis boast two ballparks that I feel are often overlooked. Kauffman Stadium was the gold standard of parks built during the “cookie cutter” era, and the recent renovation turned out great. And I really liked the new Busch Stadium. Great skyline view of the city.

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