Linsanity Hits The Twin Cities Tonight

Unless you’ve been living beneath a rather sizable rock, you’ve probably heard all about Jeremy Lin.

The New York Knicks guard‘s story has swallowed the NBA over the last week, as he’s gone from reserve afterthought to superstar in the league’s biggest market. After being buried on the Knicks bench, he has led the Knicks to four straight victories, scoring at least 23 points in each game and tallying 38 in Friday’s win against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jeremy Lin

Here’s what we know about Lin:

  • First signed as an undrafted free agent in 2010 by Golden State.
  • Played his college ball at Harvard.
  • Averaged 2.6 points per game in 29 games with the Warriors in 2010-11. He was cut loose following the season.
  • After spending much of this season either in the NBDL or glued to a Knicks courtside folding chair, he has been given at least 35 minutes in each of the last four games and has responded.

I’ve seen and heard plenty of people comparing Lin’s story to that of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. But I think a better comparison to a QB if one had to be made would be to Tony Romo

Part of what fascinates people about Lin is that he came out of nowhere. While Tebow was stuck in the depths of the QB depth chart for the Broncos early last season, he was still a household name. And while Tebow’s Broncos won when he took over at QB, the individual success he had was not without debate.

Romo, on the other hand, was a backup QB for the Dallas Cowboys (the NFL’s glamour team, much like the Knicks once were in the NBA). He was undrafted out of Eastern Illinois, and few NFL fans knew much about him prior to the 2006 season.

After replacing a struggling Drew Bledsoe during a loss to the New York Giants that season, Romo led the Cowboys to five victories in their next six five games, including a five-touchdown performance against the Tampa Bay Bucs on national TV for Thanksgiving.

How will the Lin story go? My guess is much like Romo’s has gone.

Lin is undoubtedly a good player that belongs in the NBA. But he’s not without flaws. He’s committed 16 turnovers in his last three games, and while it’s a limited number of attempts, his 3-point percentage is at a modest 20 for his career. Guards that turn the ball over and struggle with outside shooting better be able to make plays off the dribble, and so far, Lin’s doing that.

So if you got tickets at the Target Center tonight, enjoy the ride!

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