What Can The NIT Do For You?

If you opted to read beyond the headline of this post, chances are you are more a Gophers fan than just a casual sports fan.

But if you are the latter, keep hanging with me for a second. Tell me if this makes any sense: A victory in the NIT men’s basketball championship would have an impact on the University of Minnesota program.

Words like “impact” are always open for interpretation. But my point is that prior to the start of the NIT, I thought Golden Gophers basketball was dead. It had bottomed out.

But if the Gophers managed to put together a run of what would be five straight victories against mediocre competition, perhaps that makes the Gophers mediocre, or even a little better than that. And this was done without their best player in Trevor Mbakwe, who has missed almost the entire season with injury.

Mediocrity isn’t much. But considering what I thought of the Gophers before the NIT started, I think fans of the team would be content with mediocrity at the end of this season.

3 Responses

  1. Johnny

    doesn’t mean a thing

    A loss in the first round would mean way more to this Gopher’s program, which is an embarassment.

  2. MarkyMark

    The last time the Gophers won the NIT they went to the Final Four the next year. Of course they also cheated to get there.

    It seems like every time the Gophers have been a bubble team they lose in the first round of the NCAA. At least in the NIT they get some more games. Maybe it will help for next year.

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