The Ultimate Party Crasher

Remember the couple that crashed a White House party in 2009? Or do you remember Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s film “Wedding Crashers” a few years before that? 

Someone out there has managed to top them all.

In the latest party crasher episode, a man posed as a former Atlanta Braves bullpen coach during this past weekend’s annual alumni reunion.

The man, whose true identity remains a mystery, enjoyed the weekend fraternizing with former Braves players on the organization’s dime posing as John Sullivan.

Do yourself a favor: Read the story linked here. There are some pretty funny moments in it. There’s even a photo of the guy, so I imagine in the internet age that someone will reveal his real identity.

Here’s my favorite part of the Atlanta Journal Constitution story:

Sullivan’s bona fides were further challenged during Saturday’s alumni softball game. Watching him warm up, Andy Ashby, a starting pitcher for the Braves in 2000, remarked, “Dude, you’ve really gone downhill fast.”

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