Kubel Shines In First Year In The Desert

The move from Target Field to Chase Field has been huge for former Minnesota Twins outfielder Jason Kubel. And his peers can see that just by looking at the league leaders.

After hitting three homers and driving in six runs for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Saturday, Kubel now leads the National League in RBIs with 70. He’s closing in fast on his career-high mark of 102 set with the Twins in 2009.

Kubel played parts of seven seasons in Minnesota from 2004 to 2011 before leaving for Arizona last offseason.

And it’s been a good situation for Kubel, who now finds himself hitting third in the Diamondbacks order. Arizona is just 46-48 this season entering Sunday, so he had flown under the radar for much of the season. But he probably won’t anymore after Saturday’s big showing.

The biggest change for the lefty slugger is the home ballpark.

Prior to the Twins’ move to Target Field for the 2010 season, Kubel had become a much better hitter at home than on the road. Here’s a look at his last two years at the Metrodome:


  • Home (AVG/OBP/SLG) – .290/.360/.516
  • Road – .248/.311/.430


  • Home – .321/.370/.586
  • Road – .279/.367/.494

That all changed at Target Field, where his home numbers sunk. And in 2011, he was actually a better hitter on the road.


  • Home – .254/.326/.419
  • Road – .244/.320/.433


  • Home – .254/.314/.377
  • Road – .288/.345/.476

The South Dakota native signed a two-year, $15 million deal with Arizona prior to this season, changing his home address to the much friendlier confines of Chase Field.

ESPN.com’s Park Factors lists Chase Field as a top-10 offensive ballpark every year dating back to 2002, with a second-place showing this year. Target Field is a surprising eighth this year, but its previous two years was in the bottom half of the league.

Even if Target Field’s place in the league is a bit up in the air since it’s only going on three years old, it’s easy to see that the park has been extremely tough on non-Thome left-handed hitters.

And Chase Field has been kind to Kubel this season:

  • Home – .331 BA, 15 HR, 50 RBI, .412 OBP, .713 SLG
  • Road – .257, 5 HR, 20 RBI, .320 OBP, .414 SLG
  • Totals – .294, 20 HR, 70 RBI, .368 OBP, .566 SLG

Kubel’s road numbers this year are actually below his career averages. But he has been an absolute mashing monster at home this season, with his home slugging percentage leading the major leagues.

The departure of Michael Cuddyer garnered much of the offseason headlines for the Twins. But my guess is Twins fans are talking more about the loss of Kubel by now.

Hard to say what Kubel would have done if he would have stayed with the Twins. Two years of Kubel splits at Target Field isn’t a huge sample size by any means.

As good as Kubel has been, I have my doubts he would be putting numbers anywhere near what he’s done this season had he stayed in Minnesota.

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  1. Arlan

    I agree, his numbers wouldn’t be nearly as good if he was still at Target Field, although it seems like there have been more home runs this year than in the past. Kubel is another player who just couldn’t quite get over the hump as a Twin and needed a change of scenery. Sound familiar?

  2. noblindersonme

    arlan – hope that wasn’t a slam at the Twins. 102 rbis in 2000 suggests he got over the hump before! Great success with a change of senery is very common in baseball and the cynical Twins fans are today jumping all over the loss of Kubel and Cuddyer, never mind the contradictory argument that the 2 guys the Twins got, who one could claim replaced them, Willingham and Doumit, are also having just as good years (change of senery for them?) and they came much cheaper! The fallacy that lazy fans always make is that the Twins are cheap , false because it ignores the fact of the huge contracts the Twins offered Cuddy Kubel ( Torii etc) and which they turned down!
    Lament the loss of Kubel? waste of time ! Actually the Twins came out much better with their replacements same production , cheaper and Doumit is more versatile ( catcher).

  3. noblindersonme

    as you can tell I am much more willing to defend the guys who are in the hot seats ( Gardy Terry Ryan etc) than the dumb fans or the increasingly cynical sports writers who seem bent on only writing to the cynical fan.
    case in point is how the cynical fan keeps bringing up the ‘loss’ of Kyle Lohse ! about 3-4 years after getting released by the Twins, Lohse finally got his act together and is today a solid starter. When Lohse was let loose absolutely NO ONE regretted his leaving , the typical cynical fan said ‘don’t let the screen door hit you…’ , the writers also bid good riddance. Today those same ‘fans’ now use the Lohse loss as way to bash the Twins front office.
    btw Morneau is going NOWHERE!
    his salary prohibits that ! the ‘cheap’ Twins gave him a monster contract. Morneau is a fan fixture. he is in the Kirby Hrbek Tony O Killibrew club , no way he is gone ! Span is the much more likely departure, Revere can replace Span!

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