Warner to announce future Friday; Favre … not so much

Many Minnesota Vikings fans are hoping Brett Favre takes a page from Kurt Warner.

Warner, the veteran Arizona Cardinals QB, will announce whether or not he plans to retire Friday or if he’ll return for the 2010 season.

Favre, notorious for his back-and-forth decision making during the offseason, should take notice.

Warner and Favre present similar cases. Both have taken a lot of hits during their careers, and both are on highly competitive teams and surrounded by talent. Warner has Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Favre has Adrian Peterson and Sidney Rice.

My gut tells me both return, but I think there’s a better chance of Favre returning than Warner.

Warner strikes me as a guy that’s at peace with what he’s accomplished in his NFL career. His story is a made-for-TV movie that needs not be repeated here. Everyone knows how he went from grocery store stockboy to the Arena Football League to a Super Bowl champ.

I still think Warner will return, though, because that team is just too good to walk away from.

Favre is faced with the same dilemma. The Vikings were one play away from going to the Super Bowl, and I have a hard time believing he’ll just walk away now. I know he took some ferocious hits in that NFC championship game, but a quiet offseason will have him forgetting about those hits in no time.

So I think we’ll see both future Hall of Famers back in 2010. But if one of them decides not to return, I bet it’s Warner.